Language and Math

Bead stair is being used to practice addition.

Metal insets are being used to develop pre-writing skills.


Our math program focuses on building key, age-appropriate foundational skills starting with number recognition, moving into the base 10 system, one-to-one correspondence, and basic calculations. The use of Montessori Materials allows the children to work on concepts that build gradually in difficulty at their own pace. Teachers will be expected to observe the children’s preferences and abilities in order to build discussions of mathematical concepts into other activities as well.


Similar to the Math program, our Language curriculum focuses on building age-appropriate written and oral communication skills for each child. By the time children transition out of our care, they should be prepared for their next schooling situation with the following skills: recognition of letters and letter-sound pairs, phonetic spelling, a written vocabulary of some simple words, and name writing.

We use a combination of Montessori material, play-based material and teacher created activities for children to learn Math and Language. The material is beautiful and attractive so that the child is interested in using them. The material is designed to add concentration to the child’s energy and mental capacities and lead him or her to self-mastery.

“The transition from one stage to another always follows a piece of work done by the hands with real things, work accompanied by mental concentration.” - Dr. Maria Montessori