Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori Method of Education

Dr. Maria Montessori, internationally renowned child educator, was a medical doctor who brought the scientific methods of observation, experimentation, and research to the study of children, their development, and education.

The Montessori philosophy utilizes the changing characteristics and sensitivities of each developmental stage, and integrates and interweaves all curriculum areas. Dr. Montessori called these “sensitive periods.” If this time of special sensitivity is not used, it is lost. It does not come again. We must understand the force of the urges and also that they are transient.

In a Montessori classroom, children acquire knowledge through the use of scientifically designed concrete materials, which enhance conceptual thinking and lead to abstract thought. This child centered learning process respects individual differences and fosters self-motivation. Students learn at their own pace, and are free to complete a project.

The child will choose the type of work that he is good at and that he enjoys. By working well, he will retain his self-esteem and be happy. The child will learn to respect his work. The child must not be conditioned to work only for himself.

Our Montessori Classroom and Curriculum

There are four classrooms (toddler, preschool, infant and play-based) and outdoor areas for infant and preschool programs. The classrooms consist of five different areas: Math, Language, Sensorial, Practical Life and Culture.

Our teachers present Montessori material during 'circle time.' In addition, the teacher gives individual lessons (or lessons in small groups) in order to teach children how to use the material and complete their work. With the teacher’s guidance, the child will learn to choose work that he enjoys doing in active learning. The Montessori materials are designed to self-correct the child so that he can work on his own, to gain independence and self esteem.

We use a combination of Montessori material, nature based material, teacher inspired material, and play based material to enhance children's development and curiosity.

We develop awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity by celebrating and learning about different cultures and traditions of children and teachers who are part of our SLMP family. The unique material is used to decorate the classroom, to incorporate different cultures, developing awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity.

We design activities based on fun monthly themes. Arts and crafts work, circle time book reading and special events are inspired by and celebrate these themes. Please refer to the school calendar for special events.